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We have a proud history of funding innovative medical research at the PA Hospital Campus. We dream of a world where global health issues, like cancer, have no place or purchase on our physical or emotional wellbeing.

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Mum of two thankful for the PA

Having lost her brother to cancer, Elaine Harriott was fearful when she learned she had a rare cancer known as Myoxoid Liposarcoma, but the mum of two became determined to beat her diagnosis with the help of the PA Hospital.

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A world without melanoma

If we are to eradicate melanoma as one of the world's most devastating cancers and stop it taking thousands of lives every year, the crucial element in that mission is research.

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Danica excited for first Smiddy

​The concept of Smiddy Fun Week, where participants can walk, run, swim or cycle at a time and place of their choosing during Skin Cancer Action Week means Danica Cossio can take part for the first time in a Smiddy event.

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Running to make a difference

In what will be his third year of raising money for skin cancer research, Rod Leeuwendal will run 50kms in 7 days as part of Smiddy Fun Week during skin cancer action week 15-21 November.

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Identifying Skin Cancer through AI

As a biostatistician, Dr Brigid Betz-Stablein's work for the University of Queensland's Dermatology Research Centre keeps her busy across multiple research projects as the DRC works towards its aim - a world without melanoma.

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​Game changing melanoma research

As a clinical trial coordinator at the University of Queensland's Dermatology Research Centre (DRC), Kaitlin Nufer knows ongoing funding, such as the support the DRC receives from the PA Research Foundation, is vital to the success of their research.

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