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Our Partnerships



Our Partnerships offer us and our Partners the opportunity to work together to bring amazing medical discoveries to life and share our stories with people where they live, work and play. Our Partners bring invaluable funds to progress life changing research through unique business models which engage both customers and employees and raise awareness and reach of the major health challenges that face us as a nation.

We always welcome the opportunity to develop new corporate partnerships. There are many ways businesses can be involved through our suites of Partnering packages including our Cause Related Marketing models; which are tailored to each company with a track record of high return on investment and exceeding on deliverables.

If you would like to explore how you can be a part of saving lives through a mutually beneficial Partnership please contact Alex Gregg: or call 07 3176 5024.

If just 5% of the Queensland workforce donated $2.50 a week, we would be able to fund a first class clinical trial each month.

You can provide vital support for our researchers by making a regular, tax deductible donation through Workplace Giving. A Workplace Giving donation of just $10 a fortnight costs you only $6.40 yet our research receive the full $10!

Workplace Giving is one of the most effective ways to donate to us. You can nominate the amount you wish to donate pre-tax and receive and an immediate tax benefit without having to wait till the end of the financial year.

Matched Giving
Employers can also set up a Matched Giving Program where they match their staff's donation.

Benefits of a Workplace Giving and Matched Giving Program include:

  • being a pre-tax donation
  • easy to set up
  • encourages staff participation
  • builds a rewarding relationship with the Foundation
  • raises awareness about medical research
  • puts corporate responsibility values into action