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Adam Gilchrist joins Team PARF as Bridge to Brisbane Ambassador

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Australian Cricket legend Adam Gilchrist has joined Team PARF as an ambassador for the 2019 Bridge to Brisbane event. Brain tumour research is a cause close to Adam Gilchrist's heart which is why he is offering his support to Dr Sarah Olson's brain tumour research.

"Join me in supporting Team PARF for this year's Bridge to Brisbane event. The brain tumour research you are supporting might help provide better treatment outcomes for someone you love, as it has done for me", said Adam.

The PA Research Foundation is proud to be supporting brain tumour research at the PA Hospital Campus, in collaboration with the Gamma Knife Centre of Queensland, which is generously funded through the Bridge to Brisbane community fundraising event.

Participants in the Bridge to Brisbane collectively raise funds each year to support research which is conducted by Neurosurgeon Dr Sarah Olson, her colleague and Radiation Oncologist Dr Mark Pinkham and other collaborators based at the PAH Campus. Their goal is to best support current patients undergoing treatment and improve the outcomes for patients in the future. Brain cancer survival rates have barely increased in the last 30 years and it kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer. Brain cancer also receives less than 5% of federal government cancer research funding which is why the support from the community is so vital in progressing new research to improve patient outcomes.

This year the Brain Tumour Research Friends and Family Team are hoping to raise an incredible $35,000, with top fundraise Paul Baumgartner having already raised $2581. The cause is very close to Paul's heart, as a patient of Doctor Sarah Olson's, having received Gamma Knife treatment for a brain tumour earlier this year, after learning Paul had no surgical options left. If successful, the treatment should reduce the tumor in size enough to give Paul 10 years before more surgery is required. This motivates Paul and his family to fundraise and participate in Bridge to Brisbane (Team PARF) to raise funds in support of three promising trials that Dr Olson and the brain tumours team are hoping to conduct.

Bridge to Brisbane will take place on August 24. Learn more bout Bridge to Brisbane and Brain Tumour research supported by PARF here: