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QBCI team tackle bladder cancer

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Bladder cancer is common, deadly and the most expensive cancer to treat. It is the ninth most common cancer worldwide, and affects both men and women (with a 3:1 ratio).

QBCI have been working tirelessly since 2018 to improve outcomes for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer. The initiative aims to tackle bladder cancer head on by improving diagnostic measures through the development of a non-invasive "liquid" urinary biomarker to address the challenge of screening in addition to long-term surveillance of treated patients who are at high risk for developing recurrent bladder cancer. QBCI are also aiming to improve patient experience and outcomes via the formation of a consumer bureau to contribute to a collaborative and relevant BICa program.

The team are also establishing a bladder cancer registry for identification of practice patterns for BICa in Queensland, thus enabling the identification of disparities in availability and treatment practices in different settings (metropolitan, regional, or remote; public versus private systems) with the goal of improving outcomes via increased equity of care.

The PA Research Foundation recently collaborated with the team from QBCI and Surge Media for a filming session to shine the spotlight on bladder cancer and help raise awareness and funding for this important project.

Special thanks to Jason for sharing your story in this video.