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Dry July Funds New Patient Seating

Tuesday 01 August 2017

Dry July Funds New Patient Seating Area at PA Hospital

The Dry July campaign is not only about having a month off alcohol; more importantly, money raised through the campaign is going towards improving cancer patients' comfort, care and wellbeing.

The PA Research Foundation have been coordinating the Dry July fundraising campaign at the PA Hospital since 2012.

On Friday 28 July, the oncology outpatients waiting area received more than 100 new ergonomic chairs, with Dry July funds covering the cost of this entirely.

With up to 1000 cancer patients passing through this waiting area each week, and some spending up to 6 hours sitting between chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the new chairs will make a big difference to patients' comfort and wellbeing at a difficult stage in their lives.

Division of Cancer Services Nurse Manager Sue Schoonbeek was very excited to see the new chairs arrive and said that these will provide patients with much more comfort and safety whilst waiting for treatments.

"Some of the older chairs had become incredibly worn which presented a safety issue, placing our patients at risk in an already vulnerable time in their life.

"The new chairs installed will be easier to maintain, and easier for patients to get in and out of, eliminating the risk of falling or getting an infection.

"Our patients selected the colours for the chairs; the whole process of providing comfort and care through Dry July is patient driven," said Sue.

PA Hospital staff who have been participating in the fundraiser have collectively raised more than $10,000 during this year's campaign.

PA Research Foundation CEO Damian Topp expressed his gratitude to the fundraisers for their efforts and looks forward to helping to further improve patient wellbeing and care at the hospital.

"Having a month off alcohol is not only great for your health, it is also helping provide cancer patients at the PA Hospital with extra comfort in their greatest time of need.

"The Foundation is proud to coordinate this fundraiser at the PA Campus and look forward to helping support more patient wellbeing initiatives in cancer services soon with the funds raised through this year's campaign," said Damian.

Those participating in the fundraiser will be able to have a well-earned beverage on 1st August and know they have done it all for a great cause.

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