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Host a Duck in Your Community

Host a duck to help fund lifesaving medical research today


Host a duck in your community

Want to help bring health and medical discoveries to life? Join our collection duck program and host a duck in your community today to make a real difference to research happening right here at the PA Hospital.

Small collection ducks

Our small collection ducks are just the right size and make the perfect addition to counter tops in cafe's, schools, workplaces or any other small businesses. They are a fantastic conversation starter at the Point of Sale within your business and kids love them! They come with a lock and key and can be fixed to a bench top for added security.

Large collection ducks

ur large collection ducks are beacons of hope within the community, representing the crucial need for ongoing funding and support of medical research into debilitating illnesses that many Australians face daily. Our large collection ducks are best suited to shopping centres, public areas, train stations and larger businesses.


Our adopt-a-duck program is also an excellent way to put your loose change towards something bigger! Adopt your very own duck, which also doubles as the world's coolest money box, allowing your spare change to go towards making a huge difference in the world of research; for example, did you know that every $1 invested in medical research returns $3.99?

Tap Machines

We also have tap donation machines available for small businesses. These are perfect for cafes and restaurants, where customers can donate on-the-go at the tap of a card.

To host a duck or become involved in fundraising within your community, please contact Luke on or call 31762359 today.