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Community Fundraising

Get involved in our vibrant fundraising community


HELP BRIng medical discoveries to life

Fundraising for us is a really easy and rewarding way to get your family, friends, schools, workplace and communities to be a part of bringing amazing medical discoveries to life. With your help and generosity, our researchers get closer every day to discovering the next treatment, prevention or cure for our biggest health issues.


Join an Event

You can choose to support life-saving medical research through a way that is convenient and suitable for you.


Fundraise for your Birthday

Dedicate your birthday to helping change lives. All you have to do is ask for donations instead of presents.


Create your own Fundraiser

Do you have a fundraising idea? Create your own fundraising page and take your fundraising to the next level. Fundraising online is really easy!

Do you need some fundraising ideas? Download our Community Fundraising Manual here