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Cancer treatment is scary – especially if you're three years old

Before a sick child has radiation treatment, it can take hours to calm them down. Hours.

Hours of reassuring them that they don't need to be scared. That they won't be in pain. And they won't be alone for long.

If that doesn't work, a child may need to be sedated to make sure they stay still while radiation is used to destroy their cancer. But having a general anaesthetic, day after day, makes it even harder for a child to recover before the next treatment.

With your help, there's a better way of preparing a child who is seriously ill for their cancer treatment.

Please will you send a gift to stop a child like Sophie being scared?

Sophie was diagnosed with an aggressive, advanced cancer when she was only three years old. And she had six rounds of chemo, major surgery, a bone marrow transplant and 12 hits of radiation.

She was so brave for every single radiation treatment. She lay perfectly still, without being sedated. And she never felt alone.

That's because she had a cuddle buddy toy to hold tight. She had a purpose-made pillow to keep her in the right position. She wore a glittery mask, instead of a scary medical one. And at the end she put a sticker on special calendar that counted down to her last treatment.

We want to give every child that support, and more. But we need your help.

Please help a child starting cancer treatment feel strong and brave.

Your generous gift could give a child a welcome pack with everything they need to get ready for their treatment – you'll make sure they're not scared. At the same time, you could also support our researchers who are racing to develop new treatments and cures, so that no one needs to fear cancer treatment in the future.

Yes, I want to support children like Sophie facing cancer treatment.