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2019 Awards



Funding Transformational Health Research

The PA Research Foundation's annual Translational Research Awards have been awarded to a total of 12 research projects and initiatives at the PA Hospital Campus in 2019. Six research teams were awarded $100,000 in funding to support their first year of research and four research teams received continuation of funding from their 2018 project grant. In total, a record amount of $1.85 million in crucial funding has been committed to transformational health and medical research.

The research grants were awarded to clinically led, collaborative teams in five specific research categories as directed by PARF donors. The donor directed model for distributing grants introduced in 2018 allows the funds to support the most innovative and ground-breaking research projects, leading to improved patient care in preferred areas.

The 2019 Funded Projects:

Breast Cancer

The PA Research Foundation would like to acknowledge our Project Pink partners Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH Group), AVEO and Stellarossa and their communities who have helped to fund the following research project.

Project Title

Improving cardiovascular health outcomes in women undergoing irradiation for breast cancer: investigating new cardiac imaging modalities and reviewing cardiac structure injury from radiation therapy

Lead Investigator: A/Prof. Margot Lehman

Head and Neck Cancer

Project Title

Head and neck lymphoedema treatment: An examination and development of current standards of care

Lead Investigator: Amanda Pigott

Other Health

Project Title

Establishment of a Microbiome Biobank at the PAH Campus to develop new therapies for dysbiosis related GI and Non-GI diseases

Lead Investigator: Prof. Gerald Holtmann

Other Health

Project Title

Embracing digital disruption for more responsive care and fewer fall-injuries in hospitals

Lead Investigator: A/Prof. Steven McPhail

Other Health

Project Title

Towards improving patient-important outcomes in haemodialysis: Pilot, validation and implementation of standardised core outcome measures in haemodialysis research and clinical practice

Lead Investigator: Doctor Andrea Viecelli

Skin Cancer

Project Title

Development of a novel drug to prevent skin cancer in solid organ transplant recipients

Lead Investigator: A/Prof. Scott Campbell

Additionally, the Foundation has also committed $300,000 in funding to the Metro South Health Breast Cancer Institute and $200,000 to Cancer Wellness Initiative.